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A Pirate's Life for Me!

Dominica is one of the filming locations used in Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3: "Dead Man's Chest" & "At World's End". And now in Mark Burnett's "Pirate Master!" This is especially fitting since the island is not just the most unspoiled island in the eastern Caribbean, but in reality it was home to many pirates and their legendary treasure!


History & News

Recent films like "Pirates of the Caribbean" & "Pirate Master" have perpetuated these legends, and in the case of Pirate Master's Captain Henry Steel, created new ones. But what was a pirate's life really like? Were pirates the top sea-dogs, or were there others whom even pirates feared? Read more...

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TV REALITY SHOW "Pirate Master" filmed in Dominica.
Mark Burnett's at it again, this time with a rowdy crew of Pirates. Filmed on location in Dominica March-April, 2007. Read more...

Where was this scene filmed? And what has been changed?
Run Johnny, RUN!

Pirate News
NEW LEGO makes Pirates of the Caribbean Sets from locations filmed in Dominica.

POTC 2 and 3 Movie News & Updates

At World's End Trailer Released Apr-07. View the Trailer below.

At World's End Trailer
Coming in May, 2007
Watch the Trailer:
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Pirate Master!

Pirate Master on CBS

Read more about the filming of Pirate Master in Dominica

Visit the Official Website on CBS

A Place Called Waitukubuli

The Caribs named their island Waitukubuli, "Tall is her body.' Read more about Dominica's stunning beauty and our unique natural attractions to find out why.
The Treasures of Dominica
Is the pirate treasure hidden at Layou River Valley?
Layou River Valley

Our longest river, stunning views and great tubing

Dominica Filming Sites

Download a Windows Screensaver of some of the filming locations in Dominica! (1.7mb, Right-click to Save, then run to install)

Dominica info in Print

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