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Many visitors to Dominica tell us there is just not enough time to see all the beautiful natural sites and to do all the unique activities that Dominica offers. From the Boiling Lake & the many natural hotwater baths, to the cool refreshing rivers & waterfalls, and the magnificent underwater sights for snorkelers & scuba divers, Dominica's natural treasures are plentiful.


Whale Watching
Dominica is known at the Whale Watching Capital of the Caribbean!
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Freshwater Lake
High inland, cool, serene...
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Boeri Lake,
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Dominica's Hot Water!


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Diving & Whale Watching in Dominica
Scott's Head Soufriere Marine Reserve


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Sea Turtles of Dominica


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World Creole Music Festival


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The Chemin Letang walk
Roseau - Rosalie Hike
Walking Tour of Roseau

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Whale Watching in Dominica
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Featured Attraction: Boeri Lake: Misty lake high in the rainforest.
Boeri Lake

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What to Do in Dominica
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